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What is the purpose of the website? Mostly it is just to test website development projects. Those tests wind up here, somewhere, along with other projects for clients.

I'm a programmer, involved mostly in Internet development projects. I utilize free and open source resources when possible, for myself and my clients. There are so many great free utilities and scripts, that I hesitate to purchase software without really good cause. The CSS design on my site is a nice example. Feel free to review all scripts, CSS, menus, etc., but before downloading, check the comments as you might need to obtain a copy from some other site, obtain permission to use something, or follow usage guidelines, such as referencing the creator of the resources in a link back to their site. If it isn't otherwise noted, feel free to copy from my site for your own use. You can use the Contact Me page to send me a message if you need help with something on your own site.

Website design, maintenance and support.
-HTML, XML, JavaScript, PHP, CGI, Ruby on Rails, Spring Framework and more.